Photographer, Pilot, Driver, Diver.

A photographer since my Fisher Price 110 Camera, and then when I was able to heft my Dad's Nikon, I have been burning through film since I was 8 years old. Inspired by the look of classic American Cinema and film noir, I tell a story with my work, whether it is still or video.

I find my joy in experiencing life, and all the adventures that come with it.  A love of travel (and adrenaline) has taken me to places as disparate as the deserts of the southwest United States, buffalo herds in Wyoming, rivers and waterfalls in Thailand, and the Blue Angels' C-130 during an airshow. All along, my constant companion has been my camera. While some experiences are best lived outside of the viewfinder, I also enjoy slowing down, and waiting for the perfect time to click the shutter.

My work with portraiture also gives me a chance to slow down as well. From headshots and weddings, to people in their environment, I can quickly build a rapport with almost anyone I come in contact with. As an introspective person, it seems counterintuitive, but I love to find out about the people I photograph and what makes them tick.  Regardless of whether it's a newly engaged couple talking about the first time they met, or an aircraft owner talking about the last widget they added to their plane, everyone has a story to tell, and the story is what makes the project.

My time with photography has taken me from film, to the early days of digital point and shoots, straight through to the newest in digital medium format shooting 100 megapixel images. With camera stabilizers, aerial photography platforms, underwater cameras, and vehicle rigs available to use for your project, I can cover everything from under the sea to 15,000 feet in the air.