It's been a long list of equipment, from Nikon and Pentax 35mm, to the Sony Digital F505v, to Canon Digital SLRs, which I've been using since 2001 with the Canon 10D. 

My Current Camera Systems consist of: 

  1. Canon: 1Dx Mark II, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 7D Mark II, Canon 7D with underwater case, as well as my original 10D, which has been modified to shoot Infrared.
  2. Nikon: Nikon 1 AW1 - Ruggedized, underwater camera for travel (when I can't fit the 7D and case)
  3. GoPros: Multiple GoPro 5 and 4 cameras, ready for everything from 3d to 360.  These are my do anything, go anywhere, and 99%-guaranteed-to-come-back-with-great-footage-from-places-where-I-shudder-to-think-about-putting-any-other-camera cameras.  
  4. Medium Format: For shoots that require high megapixel, and unique out of camera visual punch, I use a Hasselblad H6D-50c, which produces 50 megapixel images suitable for extremely large, high quality prints with a look all their own.
  5. Film: Yep! I also photograph 35mm as well as medium and large format 4x5, the latter with a unique Aero-Ektar lens dating back from World War II.
  6. Video: Finally, I am using two Blackmagic Cinema cameras (2.7 and 4k) for high end, stationary and gimbal mounted production work.


  1. 6 x Canon 600-EX RT Speedlights with a radio transmitter
  2. 4 x Paul C Buff Einsteins
  3. Broncolor Move 1200 L 2 light set-up for mobile shoots 
  4. 5 x Westcott SpiderLites for situations that require constant lighting 

I am using three multirotor vehicles for aerial work-the most portable is a DJI Mavic Pro that is capable of 4K video with one operator. Next up is the DJI Inspire 1, which is for stills and video on a dual operator set-up (one flying, one controlling the camera.) The big brother is the DJI S800, Which is currently being modified for use as an aerial lighting platform, to mimic helicopter spotlights on film and still shoots. I also have access to helicopters and other aerial platforms if your work requires a moving subject, or larger gear. 

I am an FAA licensed pilot, with a commercial license for my drone work. Safety is my number one priority, and I reserve the right to refuse any shots that violate flight rules, or the safety of the subject, crew, or onlookers.